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February 2015: We have a Great Dane, male, 5 years old, harlequin available.

Dogs in need of home: as of January 2015
-Boxer mix, female, 4 1/2 months, going to get spayed.
-Pit Bull Mix, male, 2 +/- years old. In Williams Newspaper on 1/7/15.
-Chihuahuas, 8, 4, 2 years, 2 blonde females, black male. One of the females appears to have had puppies and one of the females has been placed. They are presently at Many Tails.

Robynn matched this little dog with the perfect person not long after we were contacted. Kudos for Robynn.

My person passed away and I need a new home

My person passed away and I need a new home



I am a Real Estate agent in the area. I was recently in a real estate transaction where the Buyer died. I offered the other agent that I would tend for the deceased buyer's dog until family was notified to see if they wanted Sissy. The family members were unable to take Sissy so I am needing to find her a home. Sissy is an eight year old, Australian Shepard, she is spade, and current on her rabies shots. Sissy has been no trouble to care for, she is really sweet and extremely smart but I already have 2 dogs. Sissy gets along with the other dogs just fine, is really well behaved and house broke. I have attached pictures of Sissy and would appreciate any assistance in finding her a good home. I can be reached by phone at 928-300-1404 if you have any additional questions.


We are so close to having the funds necessary to break ground on the main building of the animal shelter.

We would love to have your help! Please call Robynn at 928-635-4726 to discuss volunteer opportunities. Thanks!
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