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Meeting Minutes

MAY 2015
MTR Meeting Minutes 5/6/2015

Treasurer's Report
-$144,470.31 including $4,588,93 in the spay and neuter fund. I h in the save two different amounts, the other $149,506.26, plus about $4,000.00 in the s/n fund....Take your choice.

Charity Events
-Ladies Night Out: Friday, 5/8/15, 6-9 PM at the Sultana Theater. Set up at 4 PM, Food will be croissant sandwiches with ham and cream cheese(Pat & Diane), fruit & kisses tray(Peggy), cheese and cracker tray. Some items will be delivered to Tora for refrigerated storage for pick up. Kerry-Lynn will provide music, Stefanie volunteered to sell tickets and Carol said she could help with set up for a part of the time. Robynn passed out flyers to be hung around town.
-Balls For Dogs Golf Tourney, Sat., May 16th at Elephant Rock. Needsomeone to take sponsorship signs. Sue and Bill volunteered to make the signs and will pick up a sample board on Monday, 5/11/15 at 12:30 PM from Robynn. Set up time is 8 AM, with tee-off time 9 AM. Farm Bureau will be sponsoring a $10,000.00 hole in one contest on the 18th Hole.Robynn will be out there on the green with her camera to snap the winning hole in one. Tora and Cathy have volunteered to work part of the day.
-Memorial Day Parade: 5/23/15 at 11 AM on Route 66. We are looking for K-9 dogs for a planned float. We may need decorations for the float. Lupe is working on a dog statue depicting a German Shepherd
-Rummage Sale & Dog Shampoo: 6/6/15 at Many Tails in the morning. Bruni has asked that donated items brought on Friday 6/5/15 at 4 PM for set. There may be some large items, but mostly small things.
-Amazon Smile: donates a certain amount on designated items to certain charitable organizations. Buyers must designate the charitable organizations. MTR has been signed up.

Williams City Council Meeting
-Margaret has volunteered to speak to Susan Curly to have MTR put on June 25th Council Agenda for a status report.

-Elections were held. Our new officers are as follows:
-President: Margaret Hanagan
-Vice President: Robynn Smith-Eccles
-Secretary: Carol Lewis
-Treasurer: Diane Mansfield and Jerry Anthony to stay on as Account. He will continue to prepare Save-Meant to Rescue's taxes.

-For insurance reasons, we have disbanded the Board of Directors, so we will most likely meet in a more casual envirnment.

The meeting was adjourned at 6;16 PM.

MTR Meeting Minutes February 4 2015
Claire Grace
Sent: Wed, 11:31 am

The meeting was called to order at 5:15 PM, in attendance was Claire, Cathy Hart, Janine, Diane, Robynn, Greg(new), Melinda(new), Margaret and Bruni.

$140.00 in 2015 calendar sales. Robynn passed around cards for Tora, Julie(cancer patient), Carma.
BAKE SALE held at Safeway and Old Trails, inside or outside. Janine spoke to the Safeway manager and got his okay for us to have a table at the store.
Shaula, Claire, Diana, Janine, Cathy(Zucchini bread),Greg & Melinda(at Safeway with Claire)
Pat(2 pies)
Janine(dog treats)
We need chairs, Claire will bring two to Safeway, as will Greg and Melinda. Both locations will also need cash and cash boxes and fliers were also passed out.

ELECTIONS for all officers are open. To Board Members, the Board Meeting will be held at Janine and Tim's home at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March
7, 2015.

Calendar sales: $140.00. We have a Great Dane, male, 5 years old, harlequin available.
Cards for Tora, Julie and Carma were passed around to be signed by everyone.

The City has asked for a detailed budget including enough money to hold us over.
Expenses: Jeff Dent quoted insurance costs per year of $2000.00, which includes $1,000,000.00 in liability coverage.
Electric: $300.00
Gas/Natural: $200.00
Trash & Sewer Service: $37.00
Water: $80.00 for 1000 gallons
Internet service through Commspeed): $40.00 monthly +/-.
Century Link phone service: $100.00 monthly
Cleaning supplies: $80.00
Dog food: $200.00
Dog care/veterinarian costs: $800.00 +/-
Total: $21,065.00+/-
Golf Tourney: $2500.00
Enchilada Sales: $1,000.00
Calendar Sales: $2000.00
Bake Sales: $500.00
Yard Sales: $500.00
Donations: $3500.00(???)
Blue Prints: $5,000.00-$7,000.00 alone, with blue prints, land surveying and outer building shell up at a cost of $175,000.00. APS handles solar projects at the Williams office, contact person is Joe Carter.

Golf Tourney will be held on May 16, 2015, Memorial Day weekend. We will need sponsors, volunteers and prize donations.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:35 PM. Next meeting March 4, 2015, 5:15 PM at Walker Hall, 3rd

? Balance

Bake Sale Valentine Day, Feb. 14, 2015, 9-2PM at Safeway and Old Trails.Earn money for walking your dog through Wooftracks with application this organization provides. MTR has to be set up to earn donations. Two other organizations mentioned were and


MTR Meeting Minutes 1/7/15
Claire Grace


Pat will pick up the money collected for calendar sales at the Williams Library. Robynn is awaiting a check from her daughter.

Netted $369.00

Robynn spoke to Brandon, City about Williams(?).
-Insurance, $2000.00, $1000.00 for building coverage and $1000.00 for the structure.
-Copy of City meeting minutes
-Expense cost: water, gas, trash
-Northern Arizona Paw Placement cost estitmate for operational expenses
-Contractor in Flagstaff and Camp Verde that will help

Annual Valentine's Day Bake Sale on Saturday, Feb.14, 2015
-Janine spoke to Manager at Safeway. Robynn spoke to Old Trails and we will be able to sell bake goods from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Need someone to chair, Janine volunteered. Workers will be Melodee(?), Robynn, Claire and Shaula.

Dogs in need of home:
-Boxer mix, female, 4 1/2 months, going to get spayed.
-Pit Bull Mix, male, 2 +/- years old. In Williams Newspaper on 1/7/15.
-Chihuahuas, 8, 4, 2 years, 2 blonde females, black male. One of the females appears to have had puppies and one of the females has been placed. They are presently at Many Tails.

STORAGE SHED for supplies/food. Purina donated food at the Williams Food Bank, but did not want to break down the pallet. Robynn found out later that the pallet was indeed broken down. Find a shed.

When?? Irma from Phoenix would like to know so she can attend.

Rose at the Rec Ctr needs calendar of events, especially if we still want the July 31-Aug. 1 dates at the Rodeo Grounds. We decided, since Tora was chairing this activity and she will be moving to Kingman for her husbands health, that we will downsize the event and have it at ManyTails on Route 66. Further discussion on the Yard Sale will be discussed at another meeting. We did decide to only accept small items. Casino Night, the Vets want to know if we still plan on holding this event or not, because they are interested in doing it. Bake Sale, enchilada sale, golf tourney and all Raffle on calendar.
Golf Tournament will be held on 5/16/15, need Hole sponsors.
Dog Show, 7/17 & 18/2015, Carol, Chamber. Janine knows chairperson. Will we provide some snacks and finger food. A business card size add is $20.00. Raffle off/sell quilted wall hangings.

Pat has started work on the 2016 MTR Calendar. Already has a couple of photographs. Is in the process of finding new locations to photograph the dogs and cats.

MTR Meeting Minutes for 12/3/14
Claire Grace
Meeting called to order at 5:15, in attendance: Claire, Pat, Peggy, Tora, Robynn, Angela, Shaula.

Treasurer's Report: Balance $134, 800.00 in the bank.

Holiday Craft Sale: donations $194.00 from cans, $182.00 sales.

Christmas Raffle: Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014 at 5:00 PM, Cafe 326. Prizes are Handmade Collectible Bear, Tckets to Keepers of the Wild Sanctuary($35.00 value), Pass for 2 to The Deerfarm(24.00 value), assortment of jewelry, 2 frames, Artisan Mosaic Mirror, Handmade warming casserole and accessories, April's Botanicals Baskets. Chairperson is needed. Raffle tickets are $3.00 each.

Enchilada Sale: 138 dozan sold, made about $1,000.00. Circle K donated about 40 lbs of cheese; Janine: 50-60 lbs of cheese.

April Chase made a $500.00 donation.

Land Lease: 30 years at $1.00 a year. City will pick up property taxes. According to April Chase non profit should not have property taxes. Need detailed land description. Still need contractor to help with details, place an add in Flagstaff newspaper(Daily Sun?).

Imcor(?): grants for tools, apply once facility is built..

Next meeting is Jan. 7, 2015, at Walker Hall. Board Meeting will be scheduled for 2015.
Meeting adjourned at 6:00 PM.

MTR Meeting Minutes for 11/5/14
Claire Grace, Secretary
Sorry this is late. In attendance was Robynn, Claire, Pat, Tora, Margaret, Angela(new), Paula, Melodee...if I missed anyone I'm sure you'll let me know.

The 2015 calendars are in. Pat brought a case to pass out, Morris Press printed the calendars and they really turned out nicely.

Robynn had asked if we wanted to change the meeting time since the Post Office hours have change and she is off at 4:00 PM. We all decided to continue meeting at 5:15 PM, since some individuals work past 4:00.

Cheese or cheese and onions are the choices. I believe Robynn decided not to make up combo(half&half). packs Order forms were passed out and need to be turned by Nov. 21, 2014, the annual enchilada fest will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014 at the Sultana Theater from 4:00 PM on. Pick up of enchiladas will be on Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014 at the Sultana Theater from 10:00 AM to noon.
Volunteer list with items to be provided:
Pat will price the containers
Paula: 2 quarts of canola oil
Claire: crockpots, roaster, gloves, tongs, spoons
Tora: extension cords
Robynn: onions, soap, paper towels, etc.
Plus we will have cheese, sauce, and tortillas donated by Tom Kinley and Mike Henley(?). We will also need knives,cutting boards, duct tape and 100 dozen enchiladas sold.
And lastly.....Melodee said she would bring the Egg Nog.YIPPEE!!!!!! I think we will be meeting at her house at 512 Locust(?????)

Property agreement is in the works, there is a working draft.

Robynn spoke to Pimi, at the Chamber of Commerce, about added MTR events to their calendar for 2015 events. Speaking of future events, the Golf Tournament was brought up, maybe for May 16, 2015. Paula has the artwork from this year.

Bank balance is about $133,362.39(?), including the money for the spay/neuter fund.

Peggy has graciously made these up to give out to people have adopted a dog through MTR. She fills the baskets with dog dish and other goodies. We thought maybe having some baskets at the Holiday Craft Fair.

Will be held on Saturday, 11/29/2014 at the Sultana Theater from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with the Lighting of the Town Christmas Tree at 6:00 PM(?) and the Parade of Lights at 6:30 PM. For the Craft Fair, Robynn, Melodee and Claire will be at the MTR table. On Friday, 11/28/2014 at 4:00 PM volunteers will be needed to move the tables. Angela and Robynn will set up our table at 9:00 AM Saturday

Bruni and Brita held this event and it took in $112.00 in donations.

Held on 10/10/14 at the Sultana brought in $840.00

Held on Oct. 31, 2014, Halloween Night did not do as well as hoped. This year there were several Halloween Costume Parties held around town and that may have been the reason.

Grand Opening. Carma won the pot from the 50/50 drawing, with the rest of the pot going to MTR.

Calendar sales, pack of 10, selling for $12.00 each.
Donations for MTR's Winter Raffle, so far we have a mirror and botanicals. Robynn will chair and the date will decided at the next meeting to be held on 12/3/14.

As far as the working agreement draft with the City of Williams, Jerry was volunteered to go over.

Need someone to get detail blue prints certified(?)

MTR Meeting Minutes for 10/1/14

Meeting was called to order at 5:15 PM. In attendance: Robynn, Sue, Pat, Shaula, Paula, Brandon, Tora, Margaret, Carma, Karen, Peggy, Diane, Kerry-Lynn, Janine, Cheryl.


Fashion show starts at bear statue. Need six dogs to walk: Kerry-Lynn may do dog walk, Melodee, Merry Ellen, Brita, Bruni, Peggy and Shaula. Photos by Angel. Volunteers: Tora, Diane, Robynn & Peggy.


Page doing footwork, hasn't gotten back to Robynn.


10/25/14 10;00 AM to 11:00 AM at Wild West Junction, Pastor Mark will officiate. Each dog will receive a St. Francis medal.


10/3/14 at Wild West Junction. Katie Office opening. 50/50 drawing, 50% going to MTR.


Morris Print, proof in mail. Printers added color to cover, maybe interior pages, $35.00 extra if approved. Delivery mid to late October if approved. Larger date format. Price might be set at $15.00. Ordered 300 calendars.


Kathy Daniels donated $100.00, Hat Ranch(?) donated $1000.00. In account: $128,821.91, plus $3,588.39 in spay/neuter fund, total:$132,410.30.


Paula would like to link websites. David Maloney, vet office has moved to 7th Street, across from Cal Ranches. His low cost spay/neuter clinic was formally located at Second Chance.

Raffle to be held in Mid-December.

Future Casino Nights will be planned for non- Friday the 13th in future.


Brandon, City Manager has offered 200' x 200' parcel next to the cell tower and Grand Canyon Railroad maintaince yard, maybe extra land. Elevation better.

Have schedule of events by Jan. 2015, so we can get activities on Chamber of Commerce calendar.

Meeting was adjourned at around 6:30 PM.

September 2014
The meeting was called to order at 5:20 PM. In attendance: Robynn, Melodee, Margaret, Bruni, Pat, Claire, Janine, Paula.

KIWANIS MIXER: 9/5/14, 5-7 PM, 4:30 PM set-up. Needed for this event is plans, flyers, quilt. Volunteers are Tora and Melodee.

NEW LOT: Brandon (City Mgr), move across the street, next to cell tower. 1.23 acre, "e" shaped, east of present lot, next to the Grand Canyon Railroad maintainence yard. The land surrounds the cell tower.

PLANES OF FAME : Bake sale made $147.00, also sold 9 cookbooks.

CALENDAR: Almost completed, needs December photo. Will be sent to Publisher(Morris) by end of September. Cost is close to what we paid in the past, the date blocks will be slightly larger.

RAZOO: Discontinued, wasn't making any money. (Ed note: donations will still be taken on the website and facebook, just no special webpage on Razoo)

FASHION SHOW: Amanda's Beauty Box & Jill's Boutique is hosting women's fashion show at Sultana's on Oct. 10, 2014, 5-9 PM. Tickets are $10.00 a piece, attendees will receive a glass of champagne and a plate of appetizers. Must have tickets to enter. Paula will lead the envelope stuffing session with notices going out with the City's water bills.

ZOMBIE PROM: Oct. 31,2014, tickets are $10.00 each.

ENCHILADA SALE: Our annual enchilada sales start on Nov. 1, 2014. Last year we ran out of cheese, so we will need extra Longhorn or Cheddar cheese.

HOLIDAY CRAFT SHOW: Saturday, Nov. 29, 2014, Saturday after Thanksgiving at the Sultana. Set up will be on Friday, Nov. 28 and muscle will be needed to move the heavy tables at the Sultanas.

RUBBER DOGS???? I think we were looking for a manufacturer for these.

INDIAN HEAD WOODEN SCULPTURE: Mayor bought for $12.00(?).

FINANCES:$127,363.89(BUILDING FUND) AND $3066.32 in the spay/neuter fund, totaling $130,430.21.
Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM.
Next meeting is 10/1/14.

MTR Meeting Minutes for 8/6/14
Claire Grace []
Sent: Sun, 4:27 pm
The meeting was called to order at about 5:15 PM. Those in attendance were Robynn, Claire, Steve, Lupe, Sue, Tora, Paula, Margaret, Katie Glenn, Caroline Lewis. Guest Speaker Peggy Rooney.

Robynn passed out Redpaw dog food/snacks out at the meeting for anyone who wanted them.

Peggy Rooney( gave a presentation on Zombie Fundraiser for Halloween for Oct. 31, 2014, including a Zombie Prom, Parade of Zombies ending at Sultana's, a movie(Attack of the Killer Tomatoes or another title I didn't write down), photo booth(Angel), '80's DJ, Zombie Karioki, organ trail, Zamboid band(wrist band), entrance fee would be a can of food to MTR and the Williams Food Bank(for the Parade?), Deep Fried Brains Eating contest, Lip Sync, T-shirt sale. Live and silent auction. Get volunteer or corporate sponsors. Entrance fee amout to be arranged. Looking for band instead of DJ, Half Hitch was suggested. We would need judges for contest, need Zomboid Rangers. Everyone must remain in character while collecting food for MTR and Food Bank.
-Oct. 30, 2014 will be Zombie Crawl(Parade) for Williams Food Bank, entry will be can of food.
-9/5/14 Kiwanis Club Mixer at Rodeo Barn. Robynn will RSVP to invitation.
-We had three guests, The Glenns and Carol Lewis.
-Robynn announced that the coin donation was $400.00.

Finance Report: $125,895.01, not including donation cans and a $100.00 donation. The Barn Sale netted $1600.00+/-.

8/23/14: Planes of Fame, 8:00 AM to #;00 PM, bake sale and miscellaneous MTR items. Carol Lewis will chair with Claire(all day), Sue(1/2 day) and Melodie(1/2 day).

2015 Calender will be done by Morris Press the same printers that did the cookbook.

We will be getting Ellen Way Property, 6-9 months before building.

10/10/14: Amanda's Beauty Shop and Jill's Boutique(?) suggested a Fashion Show from 5:00-9:00 PM with doggie and human(?) models, all proceeds to go to MTR. Bruni has some doggie costumes. We will need finger foods.

We have no other fundraising plans until October.

See you on Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014, 5:15 PM at Walker Hall.


Balance: $116,711.79. We have a possible donation from Liz Crow of Mallinckrodt Pharaceuticals (sorry if it's spelled wrong) of $750.00.
The Bake Sale earned $517.00, that's with one location, Old Trails. At the Blessing of the Pets, the photo shop earned another $150.00 and the Groom-a-thonn at Many tails brought in $256.00. Thank Angel, Lita and Bruni, and helpers.
Robynn talked about the Sedona Kennel Tour. They were very business, but it looks like they had done a lot of renovation, including an outdoor area with astro turf, meet & greet room, thrift shop, located in the lobby with donated items for sale.
Casino Night is scheduled for Friday, June 13, 2014 at the Sultana. This is the only Friday the 13th, the theme again will be"Change Your Luck and Save the Life of a Dog's Life". We will need a chair person for the event and volunteers and contact Theresa for availability of The Sultana. It's up in the air if we will have the dance group back, we'll see.
Golf Tourney will be held May 17, 2014. We still need 17 more whole sponsors. There will be a Craft Sale the same weekend at the Rodeo Grounds, this is why we have put the Barn Sale on Hold (maybe in August). We have gotten advertising KZBX 92.1 FM, High Country Broadcasting.
The 2014 Chamber Calendar is out. Find it at .
Yard Sale: Lupe will chair????. Peggy's garage will be available for storage again this year for donated goods.
Mountain Mushers are coming to town on Saturday & Sunday at 10 AM, 3/8 and 3/9/2014 at Visitor's Center. Tora will be in attendence with a MTR table of cookbooks, jewelry, shopping bags and magnets.
Williams has a building moratorium, no more building permits will be issued due to the water situation within the city limits. We discussed a water collection system with tanks. Tora brought up the idea of using a wind generator and volunteered to look into it.
I will be updating the MTR contact list, this will be the third time since no one suggested deleting those not actively helping as volunteers and members. I can't fix the list if I don't know who to delete.
We will be having the Board of Directors Meeting at the end of the month. Pat will be contacting Board members to decided on a date, time and place.
MTR's next meeting will be April 2, 2014 at Walker Hall, unless otherwise changed. See you there.


Happy New Years to all....We had a productive meeting.

Paula bought facility plans and a log example, she did a great job.

Janine passed out a calendar of fundraising events for this year. First on the list is the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter celebration planned for Jan. 15th at Cafe 326 with funds donated to MTR, however, Robynn pointed out, she does not know for sure that MTR will benefit from this activity. We will see.

*Feb. 8 is the Blessing of the Animals with Father Killian of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church at The Kids Recreation Center from 9 am to 2 pm. Angel will be there to take photos of our favorite canines. Janine and I believe Margaret will be getting the information out to the newspapers

*February 14 is MTR's Annual Valentine Bake Sale to be held at Old Trails. Lita, you did such a great job with last year's bake sale, you were volunteered to once chair this year's.
Bruni will also be holding her groomathon at Many Tails. All proceeds will go to MTR.
Margaret will handle the press releases for the events over the next couple weeks.

Update on the kitten that was found frozen to a culvert, Mojo is doing well. I got to see Mojo while she was at Dr. Dan's, seemed to be doing well, the kitten had three people holding her down or maybe it was two people with one person working on her(?).

We still have calendars, about 20 or so. I had 17 in the Official MTR Bin and ran them into the post office to Robynn to sell. We may have 15 more, not sure.

Finances... we're at $105,000.00 plus. Janine's parents(?) had to sell some stock and donated the proceeds to MTR. Janine please pass on our thanks to your relatives.

We received news that our wonderful Grant Writer, April's husband, Rick,will be entering cancer treatment in California and of course will be concentrating on his recovery. Not only speaking for myself, but all of MTR, they will both be in our thoughts & prayers. Because of this, April may not be able to handle our grant requests, she manage to get us one more grant from the Greg Biffle Foundation for $1200.

A discussion ensued about a couple dogs that were euthanized because their person either died or was in the hospital. Steve brought up his idea, once again, of helping seniors with their canine family members during hospital stays or death.

New Business...focus on getting an operational budget together with Tim and Jerry, with the holidays that has not been done yet.

Barn Yard Sale...once we get the Barn at the Rodeo Grounds, donation drop off will be May 14 and 15, from 8 am to 5 pm, with the sale on May 16 and 17, 8 to 5 or probably we all drop dead of exhaustion. Last we had so much left, especially clothing at the end of the day, that we were scrambling to figure out who we could donate what was left to. This past year I mentioned I joined the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and right we were looking for warm clothing donations and suggested SVdP may be a good organization for MTR to donate a lot of our unsold things, since they have a thrift store up in Flagstaff. I would be willing to stuff as much goodies into my 4Runner as I can, Steve volunteered to help and I'm pretty sure some of my fellow Vincentians to help. This way we'd be helping two great charities.

June 13 Casino Night. This is the only Friday the 13th this year and in keeping with our 'change your luck and save the life of a dog'. We are considering having more silent auctions so the hard core(haha) gamblers can continue playing. It'll $5 for chips and entry. We learned a lot from last and if you were at Sultana's for the event everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.

We have a couple of other events in the planning. The 4th of July Parade, it was fun for us and a crowd pleaser. We're trying to get on Petsmart and Petco's charity list. Petco we have to be added to the associate and they have a new management team who are hopefully more interested in helping us. With Petsmart I seem to remember we were too small an organization to qualify for grant money. The last thing is the Pets in the Pines, Janine emailed with a 6/22 date, a Sunday. It was fun if you didn't blow away.

That's it for the month, see you next month on Feb. 5.


Mele Kalikimaka to all....

We had a good meeting and got some business done.

First of all we had 4 kittens rescued, they are now in Flagstaff awaiting adoption. The two puppies from Valle have gone to great homes, both I believe are here in Williams. We may be getting two more puppies, boxer types with Mama, also found in Valle.

Finances for the month amount to $104,000.00, not including the grant award April got us, so Jerry said our total in the bank might be closer to $108,000.00.

We made 95 dozen, I don't know about the rest of volunteers heating, filling and rolling all the enchiladas. I felt every single one of those cheese/onion or cheese filled goodies. We even finished by 8:15 PM. We made $950.00 ($888.00) after reimbursement to Lupe for extra $62.00 worth of cheese she bought. Thank you Pat for sending out thank you cards for the generous donations with the fixings and containers. We did run out of onions. Peggy had to make a onion run.

Despite the freezing conditions, we did $280.00 in sales, mostly calendars. I got to use our Square for those people who wanted to use a credit card and we had at least $40.00 in sale (with about 100+ calendars left). I would say the system was a good investment and is working for us. At the dog photo shot, there was 21 sittings netting $100.00. I understand there were some cute shots.

We have two brand new dog houses, plus I donated Nikki's old dog house, because she and Wylie have each gotten new houses. Nikki's dog house is in pretty good condition, with the exception of a crack were one wall snaps together with either the front or back piece. We had someone build us two new dog houses, so we have three in total. Peggy did not come back with a dog house, so most likely she will get one. Pat talked about the dog warmers, but informed us the cheaper one didn't last and the good ones were expensive, plus the question of how to power the units also came up. Another question came up about an indoor holding pen. Peggy has agreed to allows us the use of her garage since she only uses half of it. Paula was asked if she could draw up some plans for a 4' x 4' and/or a 6' x 6' x 4'.

Plot plan to take to the City (either the 2nd or 4th week in the month). Jerry thinks we should lease for $1.00 a year, the whole lot, fenced and have the City pay to build the Doggie Park. The consensus being the City thinks MTR will take on that expense, also.

Robynn spoke to Father Killian about having a blessing of the animals on Saturday Feb. 8, 2014, 9 am- 2 PM at the Rec. Center(?). I have something in my notes about Angel taking pet photographs.

We plan to have our annual Valentine's Day Bake Sale at Old Trails on Friday, Feb. 14, 2014. Lita has volunteered to chair once again. We seem to be getting a reputation for these sales and when we don't plan to hold them, everyone asks why and when???

It was unanimous in favor. Tim, Jerry, Robynn and Paula will attend the City Council Meeting with a presentation of our plans.


Jerry brought up the subject of planning future operational expenses, how much we would/can charge for picking up, boarding surrendered dogs, cost of utilities, property taxes, lease on property and monthly and yearly budgets. I don't whether Jerry or Tim suggested writing up a five year financial plan, plus fundraising campaigns, shots, spay & neuter programs. They figured we would probably have to raise at least $35,000.00 a year.


Pat spoke to Traci Faulkerson at Williams Veterinary Clinic and was informed about a new pet identification program. The problem with the microchips is that not all readers are created equal, some can read the chip. There are two different microchips in use and both can not be read with one type of reader. Traci suggested an alternative might be The Pet Protector tags, is monitered 24/7, free for the first year, the renewal fees are $5.00, which are donated to animal rescue groups. The only problem I can foresee is the collar with tag being separated from the animal. For example both of my dogs have pulled themselves out of their collar and gone for a run around the neighborhood, whereas the microchip stays in the body.


Robynn brought contacting one of the building programs on HGTV to see if they might interested in helping us out with the building of our rescue facility. Now that we have a bankroll they might be interested.


One of the problems MTR has had in the past getting grant money was the lack of written information, such as who, what, where and when and where they've gone to. Paula will handle the records keeping. These will include photographs, history, how handled, description and story, date picked up and by whom. One last thing, on this line Margaret needs photos to put on the website and Facebook, her email address is

That's all for this month, have a blessed and safe Christmas and New Year, see next year, the first Wednesday in January, except that's New Years Day and plan on being cozy with the dogs and cats.

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