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LOST AND FOUND attn: Robynn (928)635-4726

January 29,2015
This little guy was reunited with his family - word of mouth. Gotta love a small town.



My husband found an older yorkie outside of parks coming off the freeway. We would really like to find his permanent owners.
My number is 928-583-4362
Thank you,
Janae & Scott

December 10, 2014
My lalso shihtzu mix ran away on dec 10th he had been recently groomed so his hair was short. He is neutered. He was lost by bullock rd. he was wearing a collar and a Route 66 gold colored doggie bandana.
He was 11 years old. His name is Ruff-Ruff. I'm sure someone has picked him up and fell in love with him or he has been sent to rescue. I have checked the county animal shelters several times with no luck. I miss him soo very much. Call me if you have heard anything that might be info on him? My number is 928-925-8497 my name is Laura

July 19, 2014
This remarkable little gal was found after 13 nights alone in the woods - a little lighter, but none the worse for wear. Her family had plastered Williams and surroundings with posters and the campers who found her knew exactly who to call. What a story she could tell.

Lost Shih Tzu!!

I’m hoping you can help us! How can I post on your lost and found page, and get the word out in and around Williams about Moxy?
We lost Moxy, a mostly white female Shih Tzu, on July 19th up of off the Pine Flat and FR 354 intersection. She got spooked by gunfire and ran away.

480.947.2004 mandy@avalonimg.com

Hello, my husband, Robert (Bob) Rich went camping off of Garland Prairie turnoff, he goes over the railroad tracks turns left, passes by a ranch with white picket fences, then by the y in the road he goes left and turns onto road 102 and that is where he is camped still. He has been there for two weeks now. During the storm on July 6, lightning, thunder, rain, etc. our two female labrador retrievers, 1 brown, Jesse 4, and 1 black, Maya 3, took off. Bob had just returned from Williams where he had bought some groceries, water and gasoline, and let his dogs out of the truck and let them relieve themselves before going into the trailer. There were no other campers in the area where he was.

He has looked high and low and each and every day, that is nine solid days now since July 6. Jesse returned after a few hours without Maya.

The dogs are licensed in Bullhead City and are up to date on license and shots. They are healthy and have well checks etc. They are pedigree dogs so maybe someone took her. But if you see anyone around with a new dog now, may be that is Maya. She is terribly attached to Jesse and to my husband. She has a red collar with our info on it.
She is pure black, very strong white teeth. A thick coat and her face is square. She is enthusiastic and sturdy. She pants quite heavily.
If anyone have heard of a found dog, or an injured or dead dog that fits our description please please contact us, please let us know, this not knowing is the pits and my husband is not a very young man anymore. He looks for her from morning to night. Without success so far. A lot of stress over this. And I am soo worried over Maya.

Our contact info is home phone 928-758-5204 his cell is 928-201-3855 Our son’s bus. Nu is 928-788-2777

God bless and thank you, anna

God Bless America


This cat was taken by ARK when the owner called.

Please can you assist me? Has anyone reported him missing? Grey male cat
with blue eyes found close to Pronghorn and Tuckerman Drive just off
Airport Road about 4 miles outside of Williams.

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