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Shelter Progress

11/18/2014 10:25:00 AM
Letter: Support still needed for Williams animal shelter

To the editor:

On behalf of the dog rescue organization, SAVE Meant to Rescue, I'd like to bring the community up to date. We have finally settled on another piece of property. It is now located on the other side of the freeway next to the cell phone tower. We are now working on a lease agreement with the city.

The building fund continues to inch forward. Yes, this is our fifth year of fundraising and we are getting there.

The miracle of this is that five years ago we had not one cent toward this project. We are now at about $130,000 and that is every penny we have competed for in this small community.

We have come a long way. We have a rough estimate of $150,000 to get the shell up. Then we might be able to get some building grants. We are too small for any outfit to look at us and help out. We are so thankful that this community has helped thus far. It is a big project and we are getting in a position to start something, we hope. We are looking for help with detailed blueprints and a licensed contractor to oversee the project for a reasonable fee.

We have started a list of volunteer help, laborers and materials.

Meanwhile we have saved a log of dogs and cats from going to the humane society or being abandoned and you see them everywhere in their loving forever homes in town. This is a community project and please don't get angry because there is no structure yet. Please keep supporting the fundraisers. The volunteers have been so faithful for this project and put in a lot of hours and have a ways to go - God Bless them. I am so thankful, grateful and blessed for their help and support.

Thank you Williams community for your ongoing support.

Robynn Eckel

SAVE-MTR Founder

Our group is growing and so is our savings account. MTR Golf Tournament, bake sale at the Valle Airshow, cookbook sales, grant from the Williams Community Fund, car magnet sales, MTR apron sales...............

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